10 Remote Work-From-Home Jobs that Pay Well

Online courses, for example, from platforms like Coursera or edX, provide flexible learning options in multiple fields. Two of the more popular options are certifications through boot camps and apprenticeships. Bypassing the conventional route of attending a university post-high school doesn’t mean stalling your career journey.

  • Managing budgets while taking specific projects from conception to completion, remote project managers must guide their virtual teams through shifting expectations and a series of deadlines.
  • Practicing your skills by working on real-world projects or completing internships is a great way to prepare for a full-time remote job as a data analyst.
  • Most of these top-paying remote jobs require either iOS or Android expertise, along with an understanding of Mac or PC operating systems.
  • Social media managers represent companies online by overseeing their web-based media presence and using social media to engage with clients.

For example, graphic designers have a reported median salary of $59,752, while visual designers have a higher median salary of $70,743. Although the idea of pursuing a bachelor’s degree may seem overwhelming, online degree programs have made it easier than ever. Virtual assistants serve customers by booking transportation, making arrangements, posting online media content, and keeping track of expenses. Priorities are set by the customer and these professionals can perform a wide range of duties. Organizations searching for writers range from media organizations to SEO operations, among others. Numerous companies are searching for beginner-level writers to create SEO-friendly content.

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Otherwise, larger companies that deal with media are likely to hire transcriptionists to work on their ever-flowing media output. A transcriptionist role does not require you to have prior https://remotemode.net/ experience—all that’s needed is for you to be a quick and accurate typer. If you lack work experience in the area that you’re applying to, consider putting together a portfolio.

remote jobs that pay well without a degree

You don’t need a diploma to be a coding whiz or an IT guru; you just need the drive to learn and adapt. According to a report by Glassdoor, some tech giants like Apple, IBM, and Google have stated that they no longer require a degree for certain positions. In fact, there’s a whole world of opportunities where all you need is skills and experience, rather than formal education, to earn big and achieve your dreams. All salary data represents the average salary in the United States as of May 2023, according to Glassdoor. Job growth data comes from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and represents projected growth from 2020 to 2030 (unless otherwise noted).

How to Get a Remote Job With a GED

Cover letters are still widely expected as part of applications for employment. It is the first real impression you can make on an employer, particularly when applying for remote positions, so make sure it is compelling and concise. Creating a professional resume with all the relevant information and ensuring it’s compelling can be difficult. There is also a plethora of free resume templates that will take the information you enter and organize it into a beautiful and professional resume. Medical coding specialists analyze patient charts after an appointment and assign codes to each part of a patient’s visit.

Their job is to ensure that the search engine results are accurate and relevant according to what they’re searching. This feedback is then provided to the search engine provider so that they can make improvements. The truth is––not all of us want to sit in an office from 9 to 5 every weekday. And not all of us have the work experience or education for specific job opportunities. Construct a portfolio from either school, work, or independent projects. For example, A web developer might create a portfolio consisting of work they did in an educational program or on a personal project.

best remote jobs without a degree that pay well

Attending a web development bootcamp is one of the most straightforward ways of mastering the required programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can also work as a freelance web developer to gain real-world experience. Job opportunities as an executive assistant (or an administrative assistant) were shifting to remote work before the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have continued to trend in that direction.

remote jobs that pay well without a degree

They might be able to connect you to hiring managers within their companies or give useful advice gained from their years of experience. Freelancing is a very common way of gaining real-world experience if you are hoping to launch a career in tech, marketing, or the arts. You can also apply for internships, apprenticeships, or volunteer opportunities. Any of these options have the added benefit of helping you make connections in your industry and expand your professional network.

However, lacking a college degree doesn’t mean high-paying remote jobs are out of reach. Web developers write code to create useful, enticing, remote jobs that pay well without a degree and highly functional websites. While you need no degree for remote jobs in this field, you will need coding and web administration skills.

  • Numerous alternative education paths can launch you into the professional world equipped with hands-on experience.
  • Similar to web developers, mobile app developers can find full-time or freelance work in a range of industries.
  • In fact, you might be surprised by how many high-paying remote jobs have no degree requirements.
  • This occupation got a boost during the pandemic as employers turned to gig workers and short-term freelancers when everyone was working remotely.
  • If you’re interested in pivoting to a job that allows you the flexibility that comes with working from home, consider these career options.
  • You might also need to collaborate with other departments, colleagues, or external business partners.

There’s a world of opportunities where these qualities are your ticket to a rewarding role. The best degrees for remote work include computer science, marketing, English, and accounting. However, you can find remote positions in nearly every field, and holding a relevant degree is not always essential in today’s job market.

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